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8-Roller frame sawing machine


Horizontal internal area of the saw frame - 570 mm
Vertical internal area between rollers - 350 mm
Incline of the saw frame - 300 mm
Rotational speed of the rotational main shaft - 300 rpm
Working feed - 0,5-2,0 m/min.
Blade sizes length x width x thickness - 815x80x1,5 mm
The largest number of saws - 10
Main engine - 15,0 kW/950 rpm (11kW)
Feed engine - 0,75 kW/720 rpm
Hydraulic pump engine - 2,2 kW/1450 rpm
Minimum cutting thickness (boards) - 13 mm (9 mm special assembly)
Minimum length of the processed log - 1,2 m
Minimum length of sawing with special equipment - 0,8 m
Height of log processing over the ground - 880 mm
Height of tracks over the ground - 600 mm
Roller clamp - hydraulic
Measurements of the saw machine - 1200 x 1600 x height 2450 mm
Total length of the unit (including tracks) - 10 0000 mm
Weight with full equipment - 3050 kg

PRU-570 is a universal frame sawing machine designed for logs or flitches with a length of up to 7000 mm and a diameter of up to 350 mm.

The eight rollers (four per side) allow cutting flitch shorts beginning with 800 mm and round wood beginning with 1200 mm. In addition to being a typical frame sawing machine, the PRU-570/8 model can be effectively used as a circular sawing machine, but its advantage is a very small kerf of 2.2 mm or 2.8 mm. If used as a frame multi-saw with layered flitches, 10 to 30 pieces, e.g. 19 mm wide boards, can be obtained with only one cut. The total power demand of the machine is only 18 kW. The machine average output ranges from 15 to 25 m3 per shift (8 hours).