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Multi Saw Machine


Minimum length of the material to be cut: 800 mm
Rotational speed of the spindle: 2650 rpm
Horizontal clearance (standard): 500 mm
Vertical clearance (standard): 150 mm
Thickness of the material to be sawn: 20 – 150 mm
Number of circular saws: 10 pcs (depending on the diameter of the saws and the main motor output)
Diameters of saws: 250 – 450 mm
Advance adjustment: stepless (inverter) 0 – 30 m/min
Main motor power: 18.5 kW (optionally 22 – 30 kW)
Advance motor power: motoreducer 1.1 kW

Multi Saw Output: 2 – 4 m3/h

This multi-saw machine is used for longitudinal cutting of timber and plank piles The machine is equipped with double advancing rollers on the infeed and outfeed side, independent upper clamps at gas actuators, ensuring smooth operation of the machine in the case of long and heavy plank piles and uneven surfaces of the plank piles (waviness and thickened areas). The machine is used in the sawmill industry.