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Splitting machine ld-45


Max. splitting diameter: 550 mm, 25 TON / 450 mm, 12.5 ton
Chunk length: max. 620 mm
Electric drive (in the option with PTO)
Pump motor power: 5.5 – 7.5 kW
Pump delivery (l/min): 12.5 – TON 29 L/ 25 TON – 46 L
Pressure force (in tons): 12.5 t / 25 t
Splitting cycle duration with actuator return (sec.): 4/3
Sawing-splitting output: 6 – 8 m3/h
Dimensions: length 2250 x width 1250 x height 880
Empty weight (complete): 400 kg

Additional equipment:

Transport belt conveyor for split chunks: 3.3m or 4.3m

The splitter LD-45 is a machine used for manufacturing heating and chimney wood in large quantities. The machine combines splitting into 2-4-6 or 8 chunks of wood in one cycle. Optionally, they can be transferred onto a flitch using a transport belt conveyor.