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Wide band Tts-800 Standard


Weight: 3400 kg
Main motor power: 18,5,0 kW (optionally 22 kW)
Power demand: 26-30 kW (full option)
Supply voltage: 380 V, 50 Hz
Vertical advance: electrical (motoreducer 0.55 kW)
Longitudinal advance of the saw head – double-sided, stepless, inverter 0 – 40 lin.m./min (motoreducer 0.55 kW)
Advance of the tensioning roller: electric – motoreducer 0.12 kW
Guide wheels: 800/43 mm
Stationary control panel
Water supply solenoid valve
Planking computer ISP-10
Cutting head clearance–420/950 mm (optionally 1150mm)
Blade width: 60mm
Blade length: recommended 5600 x 60 x 1.27
Kerf thickness: 1.5 – 2.2 mm
Complete hydraulics: log clamp x 1, squaring arms, log loader x 1, levelling with log advance drive (forwards/backwards) x 1, turner x 1, levelling roller x 1
Substructure of the sawing machine made of a closed section 200 mm x 120 mm x 6 mm


Pre-cut debarker

22kW motor
Extension to bed length
Board/log scraper + double-sided advance drive
Electrical sawdust collector
Additional hydraulic tooling

Wider head (1200mm log diameter)


Length - 6000 mm
Width -2400 mm
Height - 2950 mm


Diameter of the log to be worked: 900 mm (optionally 1200 mm)
Weight of the log to be worked: up to 5 tonnes
Standard cutting length: 4500 mm

New model: TTS-800/60 2018 version

This is a modern machine offering a very high output. This machine is designed for log wood, mainly in sawmills cutting logs in an amount of up to 20 – 25 m3/8 hours as well as companies requiring a very high accuracy and quality of the resulting raw material, e.g. oak, hornbeam, and beech. The machine clearance is 950 mm or 1150 mm, which allows sawing very thick logs without the need of log manoeuvring. The wheels (filled type, diameter 800 mm) guiding the multi-groove belt of type PK (no thickened areas, resin and sawdust do not accumulate between the guidance and the belt) ensure the maximum operation life of the blade. The 60 mm wide saw band (kerf 2.2 mm) allows precise cutting up to 0.2 mm with the surface of sawn wood remaining very smooth. A pre-cut debarker used in the sawing machine considerably extends the operating time of the saw, reduces waviness of elements being cut, and improves the lifetime of saws. The hydraulic system mounted on a massive substructure made of a closed profile (200 mm x 120 mm x 6 mm) ensures a very high degree of operation stability to make the manoeuvring of large logs of up to 3 tonnes easier. The machine is twice as efficient as a traditional band saw with a 32-35 mm wide blade, allowing a considerable increase in the production with high costs saved. The sawing machine TTS-800 STANDART has three essential features: high efficiency, sawing precision and quality, and kerf typical for a band saw.